Stem Cell Biomanufacturing IGERT graduate students are awarded each fall semester for their first two years of graduate school. Those interested in receiving the IGERT award must meet all of the elibility requirements.

When first year graduate students begin at Georgia Tech, they should speak with potential advisors during orientation and during research rotations about their interest in applying to the IGERT program. The faculty member should then nominate students for the program. Nominated students are brought to the attention of the steering committee and selections are made. MD/PhD students are not eligible to receive IGERT funding.

Eligible student for the IGERT award must meet the following criteria

  • US Citizens or permanent residents
  • First-year graduate students
  • Research project related to stem cell biomanufacturing


If you have interest in the program or would like more information, email Todd McDevitt, PhD, Principal Investigator of the program. 


Todd C. McDevitt - Co-PI
Director, Stem Cell Engineering Center
Associate Professor
Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering - Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University

Robert M. Nerem - Co-PI
Professor Emeritus
Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering - Georgia Institue of Technology

Research Applications

Cell Replacment Therapies
Drug Discovery & Development
Tissue Repair Catalysts
Cancer Treatment
Cell-based Diagnostics