Grady High School Lab Tours

Location: Pick-ups / drop-offs in the IBB atrium

Location Phone:

For more information contact

Ashley Allen (

May. 01 2012 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Georgia Tech's backyard is FILLED with stuff... and amongst the clutter of all those greasy food establishments and the glorious Piedmont Park, exists a population of Grady High School students eager to learn about Biomedical Engineering. That's right, 80 of Grady's most enthusiastic and bright-eyed young scholars are coming Georgia Tech to learn about BME/BioE research from YOU!

We'll need several volunteers to give tours of their lab between 10AM and 12:30PM on May 1st. We'll be organizing two shifts so please indicate in your email response whether you're available to work the first shift (10-11:15AM), the second shift (11:15AM-12:30PM), either, or both (you saint, you). Each shift will involve taking three different groups of 10-ish students through a whirlwind visit of your laboratory setting.

If you're interested in helping, please email Ashley Allen (

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