Dwight Chambers

Department: Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering

Advisor: Thomas Barker

Lab Website

Research Summary:

I'm looking at the role of ECM/mechanics in the etiology and pathology of pulmonary fibrosis. Specifically, I'm trying to explain changes in the chromatin state of fibroblasts as a function of force applied to the cell nucleus.


After college, I spent two years as a research technician in the Engleward and Yanch Labs at MIT.  In the Engleward lab, I worked on the development of a high-throughput DNA double strand break screening tool for use in drug screening, medicine/public health and research.  In the Yanch Lab, I developed methods to study the effects of low-dose-rate radiation exposure in vitro. I worked to characterize the ability of cells to respond ('adaptive response' and 'bystander effect') to radiation to give insights into low-dose-radiobiology health effects and policy.
During college, I worked as a student researcher for Dr. Mujid Kazimi and Dr. Gordon Kohse in the Nuclear Reactor Lab.  I tested the thermo-hydraulic properties of annular fuel rods by constructing a mock fuel assembly and building thermo-hydraulic models using in-house code. I completed my senior thesis in Dr. David Cory's lab where I characterized the use of magic angle spinning NMR to study the diffusion of lipids in high quality chocolates.  In 2005 I worked in the Pentagon through MIT/UVA Washington Internship Program grant where I analyzed manpower assignments in the Army and Marines to optimize personnel available for combat operations in OIL/OEF.