Albert Cheng

Department: George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Program: BioEngineering

Advisor: Robert Guldberg, PhD

Lab Website

Research Summary:

The Guldberg lab studies in vivo and in vitro injury models for bone, cartilage, and muscle regeneration. My current research focus in the lab is on characterizing certain non-union bone injuries and developing better therapies for repair.

Non-union bone injuries are one of the most challenging problems faced by orthopedic surgeons today. Chronic inflammation has been implicated in many of these poor bone healing outcomes. My project aims to better characterize the critical events that hinder progression of normal bone healing, and will try to improve upon current therapies by modulating the immune response. 


As an undergrad at the University of Michigan, my first research experience was in the lab of Dr. Sean Morrison, a stem cell biology lab studying the mechanisms underlying stem cell regulation versus proliferation. I then worked in the lab of Dr. Andrew Putnam, a tissue engineering lab focused on cell-matrix interactions and blood vessel formation. My projects in the Putnam lab dealt with building vasculature, and included studying the effects of blood vessel interaction on stem cell differentiation as well as the mechanical factors that influence capillary sprouting and development. This culminated my senior year in a publication on using mechanical strain to pattern endothelial cell sprouting during angiogenesis.