Douglas White

Department: Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering

Graduate Program: Biomedical Engineering

Advisor: Melissa Kemp, PhD & Todd McDevitt, PhD

Lab Website

Research Summary:

Using computational modeling strategies to ascertain the rules governing stem cell fate in complex 3D environments. Ultimately we wish to use our models to predict stem cell responses to given environmental cues to help improve the stem cell differentiation process. 


First became interested in the fusion of stem cell and computational tools when studying computational modeling associated with synthetic biology approaches while simultaneously working on a cardiac tissue engineering project at the University of Washington. I specifically worked in the Murry lab designing an algorithm for stabilizing and imaging moving heart tissue. The goal was to image infarct areas where GFP-gCAMPIII cardiomyocytes had been implanted to determine the degree of electrical coupling between human and various host organisms. In 2009, I worked with the iGEM team to design a novel protein expression system in E.Coli utilizing systems surface display tags and proteins.

I am currently working on a project as a joint trainee between the McDevitt and Kemp laboratories to model the cellular interactions occurring in 3D stem cell environments. Since joining the IGERT program, I have presented my research at the BMES conference in 2011 and 2012, presented at the SBE conference in 2012, and have a manuscript in review.

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Jenna Wilson and Douglas White, second-year IGERT trainees, presented at the Society for Biological Engineering’s 3rd International Conference on Stem Cell Engineering in April 2012
Analyzing the Differentiation of Pluripotent Stem Cells in 3D Environments via Rules-Based Computational Modeling
He will be presented with it at the annual BMES conference in September!
Related Publications
Spatial pattern dynamics of 3D stem cell loss of pluripotency via rules-based computational modeling. PLOS Computational Biology White DE, Kinney MA, McDevitt TC, Kemp ML