Burnsed Publishes in Stem Cell Journal

Olivia Burnsed, PhD candidate in Georgia Tech's Bioengineering Graduate Program, published in the journal of Stem Cell Research & Therapy. The article, entitled "Adipose stem cells can secrete angiogenic factors that inhibit hyaline cartilage regeneration," showed the effects of microencapsulation and chondrogenic induction of adipose derived stem cells on their ability to regenerate cartilage.
'Working under my graduate mentor my first two years in the Boyan lab allowed me to learn these multiple techniques relatively quickly and allowed me to see a project develop from its early stages to an in vivo model,' Burnsed commented. 'This work triggered my interested in a career of biomedical research.'
Burnsed has recently joined the laboratory of Todd McDevitt, Ph.D. as a graduate student to study extracellular matrix components to control and direct stem cell differentiation as a Stem Cell Biomanufacturing IGERT trainee.
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